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Complaints and Discipline Resolution

When You Have a Concern

If you’ve had an experience at a pharmacy that has left you concerned with the service you received or the policy of a pharmacy, the first step is open communication with the pharmacy manager or pharmacy owner. In the case of a chain, you can also ask for contact information for the regional or head office or customer service contact. Communicating your concerns regarding business practices and policies with these key contact individuals can often quickly resolve your concerns.

The College’s Pharmacy Directory will provide you with the contact information for all Manitoba pharmacies, including the name of the pharmacy manager.

In the event that you are unable to discuss the matter with the pharmacy professionals noted above, or the matter is of a serious enough nature that you believe the College should be informed, you can contact the College for assistance by phone at 204-233-1411 or email complaints@cphm.ca at any time.

Filing a Complaint

If you wish to file a formal complaint, provincial legislation requires that you must do so in writing. You may do so in the form of a letter, which can be submitted by mail, email, or fax to the College. Investigated complaints are largely related to the professional practice of a current or former pharmacist, intern, pharmacy student or pharmacy owner.

Details to Include in a Complaint Letter:

Some exceptional circumstances exist where you may be unable to write your complaint. Arrangements can be made to transcribe your complaint for you in a meeting with a College staff member. The written account of your complaint will be sent to you for verification and signature prior to being submitted to the Complaints Committee for consideration.

Once a Written Complaint is Received

When the College receives a written complaint, it is provided to the pharmacist or pharmacy manager for review and response. They are permitted two weeks to provide a written response statement and/or documentation to be considered by the Complaints Committee along with the complaint.

The complaint and response submitted by the pharmacist are forwarded to the Complaints Committee for consideration. The Complaints Committee (Committee) is made up of a Chairperson (a pharmacist) as well as two other practicing pharmacists and two Public Representatives who have been appointed by government.

After considering the complaint, the Committee will decide if further investigation is required or if they have sufficient information to make a decision at that time. If an investigation is ordered, you will be contacted by a College Investigator to provide a statement and/or additional information that may be helpful to the Committee in making a decision on the matter.

Respectful Communication Statement

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (College) strives to provide an environment and workplace where all individuals are provided the best opportunity to interact, work, learn and conduct business. We expect this space (our workplace) to be free from violence including threats, bullying and harassment. Such behavior will not be tolerated and breaches may be reported to the appropriate authority. We expect and require courteous and professional communication that respects the dignity of all individuals, at all times. Accordingly, if an individual has exhibited behavior inconsistent with the expectations in this statement, the College reserves the right to limit future interactions to written correspondence only.

Thank you for adhering to this statement.

Decisions of the Complaints Committee

Under provincial legislation, the Committee can decide to: The time it takes to resolve a complaints matter is difficult to predict. The entire process may take a number of months to conclude. The Committee takes all complaints seriously and the severity and complexity of the matter may extend the time necessary to fully consider all of the issues and reach a decision.
Once the Committee has made a decision regarding your complaint, you will be notified in writing of the decision. At that time, you are permitted a 30 day appeal period should you be dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee.

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