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Exempted Codeine changes

What you need to know...

Effective February 1, 2016, all exempted codeine products will be dispensed by prescription only. Exempted codeine products are narcotics used in the treatment of coughs and mild to moderate pain, and include such products as Tylenol® No.1, Robaxacet-8®, and Calmylin®. Exempted codeine products can cause serious side effects, including liver failure, slowed heart rates, stomach pain and nausea. The change in exempted codeine products from over-the-counter to prescription-only drugs is a measure which has been undertaken by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, in its effort to fulfil its mandate of the protection of the public. 

what this change means  

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba has the interest of the public’s safety at heart. Through the following avenues, we have sought to educate the public on how they can still receive the best care from their health providers in spite of the change in exempted codeine products to prescription:

Newspaper advertisements:
Newspaper advertisements


Television advertisements:

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Patient handouts in community pharmacies:
ExCP Q&A for patients