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Professional Development

As valuable health professionals, pharmacists are accountable to the patients they care for by ensuring their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and they remain competent to practice. One of the ways that pharmacists, like other professionals, ensure their competence to practice is by being involved in continuing professional development (CPD).



The College of Pharmacists evaluates and accredits individual continuing education programs, conference programs and independent study programs. Accreditation ensures that the program is relevant, accurate, and unbiased.  The College uses the program accreditation guidelines established by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP), the national accrediting body for pharmacy programs in Canada. For information regarding the guidelines, please visit the CCCEP website at www.cccep.ca . Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in denial or revocation of accreditation.

 **Please note that the accreditation process does not serve as a content review and does not take the place of an expert review. All programs should be reviewed by a topic expert to ensure programs are clinically relevant, unbiased, current, and evidence-based before being submitted for accreditation by the College.


As of October 17, 2016, College Council approved a new Program Provider Accreditation Package . This improved accreditation package is designed to safeguard the quality of professional development programs for Manitoba pharmacy professionals.

Starting November 1, 2016, program providers must review and complete the accreditation package including:

Accreditation requests will not be processed without all of the supporting documentation outlined in the Program Provider Accreditation Package.

Submit your complete accreditation package for College review by email: accreditation@cphm.ca ;
or by fax: (204) 237-3468.

Please allow at least three weeks for a response to a complete accreditation submission.

Please note that if a program is intended for delivery to pharmacists in more than one province, providers must seek accreditation from CCCEP.


Pharmacists may apply for accreditation of an Independent Study or Preceptorship Programs by filling out the appropriate forms and emailing or faxing them to the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.  Accreditation ensures that the program is a quality learning experience.  Please see the information below for more details:

Independent Study

Pharmacists may submit learning activities involving independent study and research for accreditation by the College.  A Professional Development Independent Study Accreditation Package has been developed to provide pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with more direction on the types of learning and requirements to qualify for accreditation of an independent study.   It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the activity meets the criteria outlined in the package and that the learning experience is applicable to pharmacy practice.   

As of January 1, 2019, pharmacists and technicians wanting to apply for accreditation of independent studies must follow the new criteria and submit a completed application form found in the document

Please complete the form below and email to accreditation@cphm.ca or fax (204) 237-3468.  Please allow at least three weeks for a response to a completed accreditation submission. 

Independent Study Accreditation Package


To receive accreditation for live CPR/First Aid training from an accredited provider, please download a copy of the CPR and First Aid Courses Statement of Participation. Fill in the details including your name, accredited provider, the title of the course, the date of successful completion, and the length of program NOT including breaks. Attach a copy of the CPR/First Aid Certificate that you receive from the provider to the CPR and First Aid Courses Statement of Participation   for your records.

For a list of approved CPR and First Aid courses, please see the Government of Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Approved Training Providers .

Important Notes:

Members who wish to apply for authority to inject, must have current certification in CPR Level C (or HCP) and Emergency/Basic or Standard/Intermediate First Aid from an in-person training program that is recognized as an approved first aid training agency/program/provider by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Branch of the Manitoba government.

For more information on applying for authority to inject, please see the Expanded Scope of Practice: Applications and Information webpage.


The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba has designated participation serving as a Preceptor for pharmacy students, residents, interns and technicians to be an accredited learning activity for pharmacists in Manitoba.

Pharmacists may document their significant learning experiences personally gained through involvement in the preceptorship in their online College Learning Portfolios and the contact time associated with the learning.  For example, if the pharmacy student was giving a case presentation and in preparation for that presentation the Preceptor reviewed recent literature on the subject, he/she could then document the time spent in researching the topic as an accredited learning activity.  The Preceptor would then document in the Professional Development Log:

At the completion of the preceptorship, pharmacists may calculate the total number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) obtained through participation as a Preceptor and enter this number on the accreditation certificate.  For the purposes of calculation, involvement in one contact hour of an accredited learning activity is equivalent to one CEU.  The accreditation certificate may be kept in your Learning Portfolio as a record of your involvement as a Preceptor.

Preceptorship of Students, Technicians, Residents and Interns

A unique College File Accreditation Number and corresponding accreditation or CEU certificate has been assigned for all other programs (NOT SPEP) where preceptorship occurs.  Please click on the link to DOWNLOAD and PRINT Professional Development Accreditation Statement of Participations:

General Preceptorship Certificate

For more information on becoming a preceptor, please see Preceptors .

Preceptorship of Pharmacy Students through the University Structured Practical Experiential Program (SPEP)

Each type of year of pharmacy student preceptorship has been assigned a unique College File Accreditation Number and corresponding accreditation or CEU certificate.  Please click on the appropriate link to DOWNLOAD and PRINT Professional Development Accreditation Statement of Participations:

Becoming a Pharmacy Student Preceptor

For information about how to become a preceptor or the requirements of a preceptor, please contact the University of Manitoba, College of Pharmacy:

Office of Experiential Education