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Below you will find several valuable resources to help you, your pharmacist and the other members of your healthcare team manage your medication therapy safely to improve your health.


Preventing harm from medication incidents is a responsibility of health professionals. Consumers like you can also play a vital role.  SafeMedicationUse.ca is a program that provides information to help guide you to manage your own healthcare, including safe medication use.  This program is supported by Health Canada and a component of the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System (CMIRPS).

The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety "It's Safe to Ask" Program

It's Safe to Ask encourages patients and families to request the information they need in order to become active participants in their care. It includes easy-to-read materials and a medication card for patients to keep track of their medication therapy, as well as information kits for healthcare providers and organizations.

It's Safe to Ask encourages patients and health care providers to discuss 3 key questions:

  • What is my health problem?
  • What do I need to do?
  • Why do I need to do this?

It's Safe to Ask will:

  • promote stronger communication between patients and providers,
  • lead to more informed patients,
  • increase awareness about the importance of communication, and,
  • contribute to reduced patient harm and safer outcomes for patients.

Knowledge is critical to quality healthcare and improved health outcomes. A well-informed patient

  • asks questions,
  • tries to understand, and
  • ensures adequate response and action by themselves, their families and their healthcare providers