Safety Improvement in Quality, or Safety IQ, is a patient safety initiative created through a partnership between the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (College) and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada), a specialized, third-party organization. Safety IQ is a standardized system of continuous improvement designed to prevent medication incidents from happening in community pharmacies.

Safety IQ enables community pharmacies to anonymously report, analyze, and share learnings about medication incidents through ISMP Canada.

Through its mandate to protect the public, the College is fully committed to supporting community pharmacies as they standardize their continuous quality improvement programs.

Featured Resources

There are many great resources which can offer a path to better health outcomes through awareness, advocacy, and collaboration. Safety IQ features resources for patients and pharmacy professionals to bolster their knowledge and empowerment. To view a full list of resources, please visit our Resource pages for pharmacy professionals and for patients.

SMART Medication Safety Agenda 

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) has introduced the SMART Medication Safety Agenda to share learnings on common medication incidents reported to them from across Canada through the Community Pharmacy Incident Reporting (CPhIR) program. This data forms the foundation for continuous quality improvement (CQI) resources like SMART Medication Safety Agenda to support pharmacy practice enhancements for patient safety. 

The SMART Medication Safety Agenda encourages pharmacy teams to discuss and collaborate on CQI.

The following YouTube video (4:16 Minutes) is a step-by-step guide for pharmacy professionals to learn how to use the SMART Medication Safety Agenda:

Click the left-side image to download the first of 2018’s SMART Medication Safety Agendas about Warfarin.

One Simple Solution for Medication Safety 

This short video was created by Reframe Health Lab and outlines one important action we can each take to improve medication safety. Click on the left-side image and Dr. Mike Evans will teach you about some of the causes of medication errors and one simple solution to prevent medication errors. 

For more information about Dr. Mike Evans and Reframe Health Lab, please visit their website:

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