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Jurisprudence Examination Study Material (for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians)

    1. The Pharmaceutical Act of Manitoba December 2006

    2. Manitoba Pharmaceutical Regulations to The Pharmaceutical Act ( July 31, 2013)  and the Regulation Amendment approved on September 30, 2016

    3. Manitoba By-Laws to The Pharmaceutical Act

    4. Guide to Pharmacy Practice in Manitoba

    5. Code of Ethics

    6. Code of Ethics Explanatory Document

    7. Practice Directions & Guidelines
    8. MPhA Standards of Practice Hospital

    9. MPhA Standards of Practice - Personal Care Home

    10. The Personal Health Information Act and Regulations

    11. The Prescriptions Drugs Cost Assistance Act

    12. Prescription Drugs Payment of Benefits Regulation

    13. The Protection for Persons in Care Act

    14. Food and Drugs Act

    15. Food and Drug Regulations  
      Review pharmacy related sections of regulations including the Prescription Drug List and Part G

    16. Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
      Review up to and including Part I "Offences and Punishment"

    17. Narcotic Control Regulations
      Review up to and including the "General" section, excluding "Test Kits Containing Narcotics"

    18. Outline of Prescription Drug Regulations
    19. Outline of M3P Prescription Drug Regulations
    20. Non-Potable Intoxicating Substances, Stomach Bitters and Rubbing Alcohol Regulations
    21. Prescriber Authority Table
    22. Manitoba Drug Benefits & Interchangeability Formulary Regulation
      It is not necessary to study the Drug Lists - just the reasons for the lists

    23. The Apology Act
    24. The Midwifery Act

    25. NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists

    26. NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Pharmacy Technicians

    27. NAPRA Supplemental Standards of Practice for Schedule II and III drugs

    28. Manitoba Prescribing Practices Program (M3P)

    29. Pharmacist Designated as a Prescriber Regulation
    30. Facsimile Transmission of Prescriptions - Joint Statement

    31. Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions - Joint Statement

    32. Procedures in the Event of a Robbery or Burglary
    33. NAPRA Schedules and NAPRA Schedules Overview

    34. Pharmacy Technician Structured Practical Training Manual ( For pharmacy technicians only)
    35. Know Your Role: Pharmacy Technician Scope of Practice
    36. PHIA Q&A